QnR, A question & response system

Imagine being able to ask an astronaut, president or any person that has impacted the world or has lived through any historical event, any question you have about their life experience. The QnR system enables just that kind of interaction. Visitors to museums, institutions and libraries will have the opportunity to ask questions about what is important to them, to find out more about the person, the events they were famous for and asking questions about what interests and matters to them most. This form of interactive storytelling, builds connection and empathy, creating a personal connection with history from a personal perspective.


The QnR system uses advanced interactive natural language software and speech recognition to enable the dialogue between the public and the historical figure in real time. The subject is filmed in highest definition 360 capture, to allow for a 180-degree no glasses view of the subject through an automultiscopic system, as well as the ability to relight the subject to any given lighting environment. It can also be projected in 2D, 3D HD, VR or on any ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ system.