New Dimensions in Testimony incorporates new interview content recorded with advanced filming techniques, next-generation natural language and voice-recognition processing, and specialized display technologies to enable an immersive and self directed experience with a historical figure that is no longer able to answer these important questions in person. 

A select number of survivors are being interviewed for the project which is filmed in 360 degrees with a 110-camera array setup and 4k three-dimensional recording. Each survivor is asked up to 1,000 questions which relate to their life experience covering such topics as faith, resistance, identity, survival, life, immigration, and memory.  Their answers are saved in a database, and when asked a question using speech recognition, “natural language” software triggers an appropriate video segment response, simulating an interactive dialogue.

The audio-visual recordings of the survivors can be projected via pepper’s ghost technology, v2D HD monitors or computers, VR headsets, 3D projection systems, or new future visualization techniques. These will ultimately allow auto-multiscopic life size relightable interactive video. 

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Extending the Conversation of Testimony

Talking with a living Holocaust survivor has been a life-changing experience for countless people. Young learners in particular have benefitted from listening to a life history in their classroom and had the opportunity for question-and-answer interactions. These interactions establish an emotional connection, are enquiry led and create learning that is personally meaningful and lasting. As survivors age, the opportunity to have such conversations with them is becoming increasingly rare and will eventually be lost forever. To preserve this experience, Conscience Display has partnered with USC Shoah Foundation, experts in the field of audiovisual Holocaust & Genocide testimony, education and prevention, and the USC Institute for Creative Technology (ICT), on New Dimensions in Testimony, an innovative research and development initiative that will enable a life-like dialogue between a Holocaust survivor and public far into the future.